Schools Climate Art Exhibition

In order to enter, you must be a student below the age of 19, and currently enrolled in a school in the Stirling council area

  • The art can be made in any medium
  • The art must have some link to climate change
  • Students can work individually or they may wish to work collaboratively on an artwork. Either is fine.
  • If you can. try and use recycled or not new material (not mandatory)
  • Each person/ group is limited to one entry
  • Submissions should be made via email to with SCAC, the school name, and entry name in the subject.
  • They should be high resolution photos, videos or other suitable format.
  • Each school is limited to 15 submissions to mirror the 1.5-degree warming maximum.


Deadline for submission is 18th September 2021 (one month after the beginning of autumn term)

Winners will be chosen by a panel of judges on or after the date of the submission deadline. Currently, there are 15 winning positions, however this may be increased depending on the number and quality of submissions

Winning pieces will be displayed at our Climate and Protest art Exhibition in Stirling as well as their creators receiving an SCF t-shirt

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