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Lewis Forsyth

Hi, My name is Lewis Forsyth (he/him) and I am 21, studying Environmental Geography and Outdoor Education at Stirling University. I’m involved in the climate festival because I want people to see how the climate emergency is relevant to them, and that by learning and collaborating with others you can engage yourself, and that through collective organising and action it will be possible to create meaningful change.

I’m Eliot, I’m involved in a couple of activist societies at uni such as STAR and the SSY, I enjoy writing music and playing chess.

With the Climate Festival Team I’ve been involved organising events and co-ordinating between others, I am very excited to see how it turns out and particularly looking forward to the closing ceremony ceilidh.

Eliot Wooding
Freddie Petersen

Hi I’m Freddie (they/them), I study psychology and sociology, and have a keen interest in developmental psychology. I helped start the STAR society at our uni, and are planning a few different events focusing on climate refugees and -gentrification.

I’m a biology student and through this lens I wish to protect the world’s diversity of life for the many generations to come.
Fighting climate change is a crucial cause as it not only allows our beautiful planet to persist in its diversity and complexity but also allows us to persist on its surface. I hope this climate festival will open people’s eyes to what should be a global priority above all other problems.


Seth Laycock
Ida Caspary

I’m Ida (she/her), economics student, I love cycling, programming, gardening, Grießnockerlsuppe, fun with friends and devising ideas to change the world. Suits all perfectly into our festival.
I’m looking forward to the various disciplines’ perspectives, actions and visions around climate change!

Hi! I’m Kay (they/them), and I study Environmental Science. I love all things nature and want to preserve it, that’s also why I wanted to help organise Stirling Climate Festival. What I care about most within the environmental movement are the social injustices that climate change causes, and how agriculture can be made more sustainable.

Kay Galas
Carla Poulaert

Hey, I’m Carla (she/her) from Belgium. I’m a third-year Journalism and Spanish student at the University of Stirling. I’m glad to be part of the Stirling Climate Festival team, and can’t wait to attend all the events! Organising a Climate Festival in Stirling appeared to me as a great way to make local people aware of climate change issues, and to show everyone that we want our politicians to act towards a greener Scotland. See you soon 🙂

Hi, i’m Ludo (he/him) a third year international politics student. I’m from Italy and I have a strong interest in politics and current events. I am the president of the Global Justice Stirling society and I am the Secretary of the Volleyball club.

Ludo Caminati
Mikael Lindholm

Hi! My name is Mikael (He/him) (pronounced Michael). I’m from Finland and I study cell biology. I’m also the president of SULMS. I joined the Stirling Climate Festival because I think climate issues are important and I strongly believe in the power of music and the arts to inspire change.

I’m Giulia (she/her), a Psych & Philosophy student and I spend an unhealthy amount of time organising my Spotify playlists and explaining that Czechoslovakia isn’t a country anymore. I’m so excited to be part of Stirling’s first ever climate festival and hope we’ll get to raise awareness by engaging the local and the student community in a cause that truly affects each and every one of us. See you in October!

Giulia Teuf
Aneke Janentzky

Hey, I’m Aneke (she/her) from Germany. I am a 2nd Year Environmental Geography student und I love books, gardening and all things related to the environment. I hope the climate festival can both be a place where people familiar with the climate crisis can find like-minded people and where newcomers to the climate issue have the opportunity to learn and explore these topics.

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