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Live Music Society

We’re the Stirling University Live Music Society (SULMS). Our Mission is to bring music to the Stirling campus and beyond! We have a place for all musicians regardless of skill level or instrument. Our society joined the climate festival because climate change is a very important topic and we would like to do whatever we can to help!

Drama Society

Hi we’re SUDS and we are delighted to be performing in this charity performance along with SULMS and SUMT! It’s such a worthy cause and we have many members in the past be actively involved in protesting and residing awareness for the climate change crisis. We hope you guys enjoy and please donate if you can!

Global Justice Stirling

We are a group of students coming together to fight social and environmental injustice. Our aim is to try to tackle global and local issues and demand for a better world and a better future


We’re the Environmental Enterprises Society, people acting together for a sustainable, healthy and safe future for all beings that inhabit earth. We take part in Stirling Climate Festival because it involves the perspectives of all different kinds of groups – we’re excited to bring in our knowledge and learn more about local solutions.


ELSA brings together students interested in European law, hosts mooting competitions and summer and winter law schools all over Europe.

Climate Change affects everyone and we are happy to be involved in this festival.

Amnesty International is a movement of ordinary people who believe that human rights are worth fighting for. 

We work with Amnesty International UK, a global human rights group, to raise awareness of human rights issues on campus, campaign for causes and fundraise. 

The issues we foucs on are dependent on what is going on in the world. This year, we will tackle issues such as human trafficking, refugees, women’s rights and much more!

If you have any questions or want to join, please get in touch!

Women in STEM

The Women in STEM Society is a place for everyone from Science, Technology, Engineering and Math courses at Stirling University to come together and discuss the challenges and triumphs faced by women in these fields. 

We are looking forward to being a part of the Climate festival to help raise awareness of the issues of climate change and how we can actively combat it together. 

Musical Theatre

Stirling Musical Theatre Society is one of three performing arts societies at Stirling University. We focus on telling stories through music, acting, and dance, and have at least one directed show every semester. We cater to anyone who has a passion for musical theatre or just wants to try it out for fun. We want to be involved in the Climate Festival because we believe that climate change is the biggest global threat which effects all of us and our futures. We believe that there is power in music and storytelling and want to help this in any way that we can.

Law Society

We are the Stirling University Law Society, open to everyone with an interest in law. We provide a range of social and academic events throughout the year including networking opportunities, career advice and support through your university programme. 

We are sponsored by Ashurst Advance, which provides our members with valuable insight into the NewLaw division of Ashurst – a progressive global law firm. 


Every year, 8 million tonnes of plastic enter our oceans. 54% of species on the threatened list have been found to have either ingested or become entangled in plastic. Half of the Great Barrier Reef is dead as a result of climate change. Ice caps are melting, polar species are running out of places to rest and hunt. Our seas are being fished dry, with one-third of the world’s assessed fisheries being pushed beyond biological limits. 

Something has to be done. 

Here in the Marine Conservation Society, protecting our oceans is at the heart of all we do. Whether it’s hosting guest speakers from the field, having marine documentary nights, taking part in beach cleans, advocating for plastic reduction on campus and in the community, being part of citizen science projects and even volunteering with marine life: you’ll play an active part in conservation efforts in the fight to save our seas. 

You don’t need to be a marine biologist or have worked with marine life before, all you need to be is passionate.

Our oceans need our help now more than ever, come be a part of it. 


The University of Stirling’s official LGBTQ+ Society! Dedicated to providing a social and support network for all LGBTQ+ students at the University.


The Disabled Students Association of Stirling University (or DSAS) aims to represent the voice of any student with a disability, condition or ARUAA on campus. 

We focus primarily on disability activism and empowerment, but also arrange social events for students to make new friends and escape the stresses of university life.


Debating Society is all about coming together to discuss a variety of interesting issues. We host fun debates every week, but also go to competitions across the country for more serious, competitive debating.

We’re excited to be a part of the Stirling Climate Festival to think more about tackling climate change, and to debate some potential solutions!

Brig Newspaper

Brig Newspaper is the University of Stirling’s award-winning student newspaper since 1969.

Established in the early years of the university’s life, Brig does its upmost to ensure the university and those in the Students’ Union are held to account, tells the stories of students and their achievements, and bring informative and entertaining content to our its audience.

Anyone can join Brig –  it’s not simply for Journalism students. We have a wide range of students writing for us and are always looking for more! Whether news is your game, sport, or perhaps something broader like features or lifestyle, we want to hear from you, and so do the students of Stirling! 

For more information email: or to speak to a specific section visit our Contact page on our website.

You can check out our website here.


The Stirling University Politics Society is a non-affiliated inclusive club that seeks to bring together individuals with an interest in politics. The society aims to facilitate the exchange of political ideas amongst students whilst encouraging discussions about issues relating to politics, philosophy and history – regardless of your political stance or knowledge. 

As a sociable, open-minded platform for discussion, this society is a brilliant way to meet new people and learn from one another. All students are welcome!

No prior research is required when attending one of our events. 



The Stirling University Psychology Society is a student-run society for everyone and anyone with a sense of curiosity towards psychology. Our society proudly takes part in the Climate Festival to help spread awareness of the climate change crisis. We are excited to help, and to play our part by providing a psychological perspective to climate related issues.


The Scottish Socialist Youth (SSY) is campaigning across the country for an Independent, Socialist, and Green Scotland. Climate change disproportionately affects working class people – around the world, and here in Scotland. We are proud to be part of the fight to put people and planet before profit.


Stirling Student action for refugees (STAR for short) society focus on raising funds, spreading awareness of and improving the living conditions of refugees in the UK. We aim to host educationals, fundraisers and different protests, as well as volunteering with Forth Valley Welcome, the local group focused on helping refugee families in the Forth Valley area. We’re excited to be at the climate festival, and hope to see lots of you there!

Language Exchange

Whether polyglots or absolute beginners, language enthusiasts or curious cosmopolitans, this society is a space for everyone! To raise awareness for pressing issues and counteract climate change and mass extinction it is vital to implement a comprehensive intercultural approach that is promoted by all nations and peoples around the world.


Uni of Sanctuary

We are a group of students coming together to fight social and environmental injustice. Our aim is to try to tackle global and local issues and demand for a better world and a better future

Chess Club

We are the Stirling University Chess Club; whether you’re an aspiring Grandmaster or you’ve never even looked at a chess piece, you are welcome here!

Each of us has a duty not just to protect but to restore the balance of our ecosystems. We owe it to our survival, as, ultimately, Earth will carry on with or without us. Meaningful change is possible and, in many places, easy! Any step you can make towards sustainable living, no matter how small, is truly valuable.

We are honoured to collaborate with the organisers of the Stirling Climate Festival. Get involved! Donate to SCF partnered charities and organisations, and enjoy the festival!

History Society

The Stirling University History Society is a great place for all those who study History as part of their degree or just have an interest for the subject. Each week we hold meetings for all our members to participate in and enjoy many different activities.


One of all our favourites is the ‘Islands game’. The game consists of teams playing against each other and trying to defeat others by getting the correct answer. It always brings everyone together and allows the chance to meet new people that they would not have ordinarily met. Some of the other games we play, all historically referenced of course are ‘Heads up’ and a variety of quizzes. On Wednesdays at 7pm we hold our weekly meetings. Due to government restrictions our weekly meetings were held on Microsoft Teams. Although slightly different to our usual meetings it still gives us the chance to ‘meet’ with all members. However, as we come out of the pandemic, we are hoping to return to in person meetings as per government advice of social gatherings. We publish our meetings through our social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We can be found at ‘historysocietystiruni’ 


Every year we also go on our international trip. Last year, in February, during reading week we travelled to Riga in Latvia. The city was full of culture and historical landmarks. We were there for 5 days and all enjoyed every minute of it. In total 14 of the society members went and all became closer friends as a result. Some of the most interesting places we visited were the House of the Blackheads, The Freedom Monument, and the Museum of Occupation. All giving us a true insight and depth into what it was like to live in Riga during the latter stages of the 20th century. As we were there for 5 days, we were able to enjoy the city and what it had to offer. Some of the restaurants were amazing and many were also at a low cost. Unfortunately, in 2021 we were unable to go on an international trip but are planning to have a trip in 2022.


At the start of the 2020/21 academic year, we held our ‘Give it a go’ on Teams and were pleased to see lots of new faces. We welcome any new members to the society and hope to increase our membership as the year goes on. Although online the society has continued to grow and gain new members. We are looking forward to the coming semester and what it has to offer for us and what we can offer to our wonderful students. 


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